Paneel Ethernet Extensie

The MS101 is part of the MS100 product range and is designed as a connection panel for Ethernet connection..

The MS100 series panels are control and indication panels for a simple Modbus connection to a PLC based system, whereby the panel acts as a Modbus slave.  The addition of a MS101 Ethernet connection panel adds the Ethernet connection. If an array of panels is used, one MS101 can be used to get access all panels in the array.   The MS101 plugs in and fits on the back of the MS112, MS114 and MS118. It provides access to all panels which are connected via RS485 over one IP address. 

Multiple panels can be daisy chained to create a field of panels for all kind of controls and indications. Each button and text field is illuminated which can be dimmed via the Modbus communication. 

It is the combination of illuminated buttons with insert text labels which is a unique features of these panels.    

The MS100 panels are mounted with a stainless steel bracket which is placed in a cut-out hole.



  • To be mounted onto MS102, MS104 or MS108
  • Ethernet connection
  • RS 485 connection to MS100 panels
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