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The MS-3080 ship automation system is the most powerful and complete automation system you can get on board a ship. A world of possibilities will open when a MS-3080 automation system is installed onboard. Complete integration with equipment onboard creates innumerable applications.

Each MS-3080 automation system is tailor made. Due to differences in equipment, wishes and vessel types each system is unique and therefore it is impossible to create a standard MS-3080 automation system.  
That is why the images in this description are for indication only. The layout and colours that are used of the MS-3080 automation system will be tuned in to the ship’s interior design and created in conjunction with the owner or the representatives.    
Roughly speaking the MS-3080 can be divided into two parts: the hardware and the software.  
To reduce cabling, the hardware is located in strategic positions. This can be the main switchboard, control panels, bridge desk, engine or any other location.
The hardware consists of reliable, well approved components which are certified by major maritime inspectorates.  
The software is written by the software development department of Marble. Their specific knowledge of maritime solutions and their experiences in ship automation results in a reliable automation system with a sensitive human-machine-interface.





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