Selection Unit

The MS  422  is an optional selector device for the Marble MS421B bridge nautical watch alarm system. This device is used to select which backup officer is to be alarmed in case of emergency situations when the watch alarm enters the “call officer” stage. This situation occurs when the officer on the bridge can’t respond to the signalling watch alarm. The six yellow led’s indicate which backup officer is to be ordered on the bridge during emergency situations. Use the rotary switch at the panel change backup officer. A  maximum of six backup officers can be selected. 


  • Easy to connect
  • Same line as MS 421B
  • Selection switch different officers of watch


  • Dimensions: 144x72 mm (HxW)    
  • Cut out: 139x67 mm (HxW)    
  • Power supply:18-28 Vdc

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* Downloads are visible after login

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